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Updates on AroniSoft Products and the Financial Markets

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Recent blog posts

b2ap3_thumbnail_AroniSmartIntelligence506.jpg AroniSmartIntelligence™,  the most advanced user friendly statistical and data mining tool for Mac OS X®, got even better. Version 5.0.7  is now available in App® Store at this link

 What is in AroniSmartIntelligence 5.0.7 vs. 5.0.6

AroniSmartIntelligence™ remains is one the most advanced tool in the AroniSmart ™ series that includes AroniStat™, AroniSmartStat™ and AroniSmartInvest™. AroniSmartIntelligence™ is a cutting edge statistics and data mining and BidData analytics tool, with additional modules on Data Mining, BigData, Unstructured Text and Data processing and Bayesian Statistics. The new version has the following:

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AroniSmartInvest™, one of the advanced investment research tools, has been updated and  is available in App Store®. 

What is new in AroniSmartInvest™

  • Improvement in user interface.
  • Optimized RSS XML and Text Processing module
  • Ability to extract RSS and web text feeds into a format ready for text processing and BigData analytics
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b2ap3_thumbnail_GuyScottPresidentZambia.jpgOn Wednesday, October 29, 2014, Zambia’s Vice President, Guy Scott, has been appointed President of Zambia, hence becoming the first post independence African white head of state. He has replaced the late Zambian President Michael Chilufya Sata, following the death of the latter in London on October 28, 2018.

Although his appointment is temporary, the fact that he is white in an African democratic independent country make him a first. The only other white heads of state were either under apartheid in South Africa or during colonial times.

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During the month of September 2014, AroniSmartInvest in Action™ selected a few promising stocks.  The stocks were identified during a period of high market uncertainty and volatility. The uncertainty that started in September has continued in October 2014. By early October, the stock market had recorded an unprecedented decline in major indices and had erased almost all the gains accumulated since the beginning of the year. In early October, in a just one morning, the Dow Jones lost close to 4%.

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The US stock market has experienced a period of high market uncertainty and volatility, with the major stock indices  experiencing abrupt declines.   The uncertainty that started in September has continued in October 2014, fueled by major events around the World. Some of the major events that created uncertainty include  the Middle East wars, the unresolved Ukraine crisis, the declining oil prices, the slowing Chinese economy, the sluggish European economies, and recently, the Ebola epidemic.  By mid October, the stock market had recorded an unprecedented decline in major indices and had erased almost all the gains accumulated since the beginning of the year. 

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Carl_c_Icahn_AppleLetterOct92014.jpgOutspoken self declared activist investor Carl Icahn has published an open letter to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, urging him to buy back a large chuck of Apple stocks in order to popup the price. According to Carl Icahn, the stock of Apple is undervalued and could fall to below $95.00 if the buy back does not happen.  He believes that, if rightly valued, Apple's share price should be around $203.

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On September 21, 2014, AroniSmartInvest in Action™ selected a few promising stocks. This article will highlight how these stocks have done over the last two weeks. Meanwhile, AroniSmartInvest in Action™ has identified a few more stocks. These stocks have been identified during a roller-coaster period, that has seen the major indices hitting record highs before pulling back and forth.  

Since September 19, 2014 the DJI has declined from 17,279.74 to 16,804.71, or 3%. The Standard and Poor Index has declined from 2,010.40  to 1,967.90, or a decline of 2%. NASDAQ has declined from 4,593.43 to 4,475.62, or 3%.

 Most of the sectors and industries have seen this seesaw movement but in general have remained close to their best values.

The trends of the stock markets confirmed  by AroniSmartInvest™ In Action since the beginning of Summer remain positive. Many savvy investors appear to have finally decided to remain active in  the stock markets. . 

AroniSmartInvest had picked the following  the stocks to consider: BTI, ETR, HUM, INTU, SHW, TTDKY, WGL Since then, the stocks have performed as follows:

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Summer has ended, the stock market has been very active, fueled by Apple, Yahoo, through Alibaba IPO, Tesla Motors, and other stocks. Most of the sectors and industries have been rising pushing the DJI Index and NASDAQ to the record highs: at the close on Friday Sep 19, 2014, DJI was at 17,274.79 and the NASDAQ at 4,579.79. DJI had reached 17342.55 and the NASDAQ 4,610.074.  NASDAQ has reached the levels of the Internet bubble of 1998-2000.  Some stocks appear speculative but others have shown strong fundamentals and ensuing momentum, pointing to a solid comeback of the stock market.

The trends of the stock markets confirmed  by AroniSmartInvest™ In Action since the beginning of Summer have strengthened. Many savvy investors already appear to have been reaping the fruits of the uptake in the stock markets. . 

AroniSmartInvest has picked a few stocks to consider in the next few stock sessions: BTI, ETR, HUM, INTU, SHW, TTDKY, WGL

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b2ap3_thumbnail_BloombergAttheWhiteHouse2.jpgIt was announced today that the business magnate and former New York Major, Michael Bloomberg,  has decided to return to lead his business empire, Blooomberg, L.P. The decision was made only 8 months after he finished his third term as New York mayor. While some had thought that the 72 year-old Michael Bloomberg would focus on charity work and other ventures outside his company, those who know him better must alwas have believed it was only a matter of time, before he decides to reoccupy his chair.


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The United States economy grew faster than previously thought in the second quarter of 2014, the Commerce Department said on Thursday, August 28, 2014. The latest numbers confirm the signs of a sustainable growth and the continued positive outlook of the US economy. Reacting to the news, President Obama expressed his satisfaction and said that “companies are investing, consumers are spending...There are reasons to feel good about the direction that we are headed"

The growth was fueled by several factors including manufacturing, increased investment by businesses, and foreign trade.

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As the Summer is close to the end, the stock market is back, fueled by Apple and other Tech Stocks. But that is not all: the retail stocks have also been experiencing an upward trend, signaling an sustained improvement in the stock markets.

AroniSmartInvest™ In Action has been confirming  signs of markets recovery, at least the stock markets. Now, signs of strengthening are showing everywhere. 

The weeks of uncertainty of early August, as  pointed out by  AroniSmartInvest ™ in Action for AroniSmartInvest users, may be coming to an end. The indices are

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b2ap3_thumbnail_US_AfricaSummit_Aug2-6-2014.jpegThe end of an era is here: after spending the last two decades trying to expand their businesses  and make money in BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, and China),  the World, rather the American, international investors appear to have shifted their focus: the motto may now be "It is Africa Stupid!".   In fact, Africa is where the money is to be made. The point was hightlighted during the US-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington. The Summit, attended by 50 African heads of states, was unprecedented: in its attendance, in setting a new tone for US-Africa relations and its expectations.

President Obama put it clearly in his speech on Tuesday, August 5, 2014:"I want Africans buying more American products. I want Americans buying more African products."

Why, this change after two decades of absence?

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b2ap3_thumbnail_AroniSmartIntelligence506.jpgA major new  version of AroniSmartIntelligence™,  the most advanced user friendly statistical and data mining tool for Mac OS X®, is now available in App® Store at this link A demo  of the new AroniSmartIntelligence,  with additional features,  can be found on AroniSoft web ( To download the demo, navigate to "Products" menu, and then "How to Buy". From there,  it is possible to download the demo by following the instructions. The demo will expire on August 30, 2014.

 What is new in AroniSmartIntelligence 5.0.6 vs. 5.0.5 

  • Ability to redraw and animate the Bayesian network graphs using a mouse or a magic trackpad
  • From Descriptive Analysis module, ability to transform numeric attributes (variables) into nominal attributes using binning, Kononenko's MDL criterion, Fayyad's MDL method, numeric to nominal, etc. In the earlier version, the option was only available in Bayesian Models module.
  • Optimization of Bayesian Network estimators and search algorithms.
  • Ability to automatically import datasets in "CSV" format into "Aroni" format.
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FED Chairwoman Yellen has said it and the lead indicators confirm it: the US Economy and the Financial Markets are finally back and solidifying. In June 2014, the US Economy has added, according to the government, 288,000 jobs. This means that, since the beginning of the year, that is in the first 6 months of 2014,  the US Economy has added more than 1.4 million. And that uptake in jobs is by far the strongest  growth in the last decade. 

Unemployment has amazingly stayed at 6.1% over the last few months, the levels that would satisfy even the most pessimistic economists: 6.1% has long been considered the threshold for  the US Economy to be considered full employment.

AroniSmartInvest™ In Action Points to  Signs of Markets Recovery and Strengthening.

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The consensus is there: the US Economy is doing better, with a but... What is missing is the agreement on what that "but" is. Even Yellen, the FED Chairwoman, though confident in the fact that the lead economic indicators are pointing to a growing and solidifying US Economy and the Financial Markets,  remains cautious. In fact, since the beginning of the year, that is in the first 7 months of 2014,  the US Economy has added more than 1.6 million. The uptake in jobs is by far the strongest growth in the last decade. In the last week of July 2014, jobless claims  fell by 14,000 to a seasonally-adjusted 289,000.  July was the sixth consecutive month that the U.S. Economy added 200,000 or more jobs, although the unemployment rate edged up in July to 6.2%  from 6.1%, due most likely to more workers joining the labor force.

In the previous months, unemployment had amazingly stayed at 6.1%, considered the threshold for  the US Economy to be considered full employment.

AroniSmartInvest™ In Action has been pointing and continue to confirm signs of markets recovery and strengthening, despite investors' hesitation

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b2ap3_thumbnail_JoseEduardoandIsabel-doSantos.jpgAlso featured at AroniSoft in MONEY by William

Angolan President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos is one of the longest serving African leaders. The 71 years old leader, in power since 1979, has said that this is his last term in office. Rights groups and independent observers have accused him of personalized and autocratic rule and sometimes of corruption. His daughter, the businesswoman and investor Isabel Dos Santos considered by Forbes to be the richest woman in Africa and the most powerful and richest woman in her country. She owns several businesses in Angola, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

But although she appears to have benefited from being the first daughter of Angola, those close to her  do not question her business acumen and her entrepreneurial spirit since she graduated from the UK elite school of King's College.

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AroniSmartIntelligence in App Storeb2ap3_thumbnail_AroniSmartIntelligence506_BayesianNetwork640.pngAroniSmartIntelligence™, arguably the most advanced Statistical and Data Mining built exclusively for Mac OS X, keeps getting better and better.  AroniSmartIntelligence™ fans around the World will continue to access  new and improved capabilities to be able to harness the opportunities offered by new technologies, using the power of AroniSmart™ tools.


WHAT IS New In The Upcoming AronismartIntelligence ™ version 5.0.6?

AroniSmartIntelligence™  5.0.5 included BigData and Bayesian Network Models

AroniSmartIntelligence™ version 5.0.6, now available in AppStore™, has a module dedicated to BigData: Bayesian Network Models and Unstructured Data and Text mining. The

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Philips, the giant electronic lighting company, has reinvented light switches with the introduction ...
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The most advanced version of AroniSmartInvest ever is available in App Store®. 

What is new AroniSmartInvest™

With the increasing rise in Big Data, it has become urgent for our customers and the savvy investors to harness the power of new technologies. One of the consequences of the advances in new technologies is the increasing prominence of BigData. Big Data may come from RSS and XML feeds and other sources in the form of unstructured data or text. Hence, AroniSmartInvest has the new capabilities to process RSS and XML feeds within the RSS XML and Text Processing module.

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The most advanced version of AroniSmartStat™ ever is available in App Store®. 

What is new AroniSmartStat™

To increase the power and effectiveness of AroniSmartStat, the algorithms for advanced applied statistics and data mining models have been optimized.The following models have been optimized.

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